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The Swiss Statistical Days 2023 will take place at the University of Basel from 30 August to 1 September 2023.


The conference is organised by the Swiss Statistical Society, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) and the Swiss Conference of Regional Statistical Offices (Corstat), through IMSD.


Organising Committee


Marc Gindraux, Vice-director, Office fédéral de la statistique, Neuchâtel


Laurent Donzé, Président SSS-ER
Fabienne Hofer, Statistisches Amt Kanton Basel-Stadt
Christoph Iseli, Statistik Aargau
Livio Lugano, Vizedirektor Bundesamt für Statistik
Lukas Mohler, Leiter Statistisches Amt Kanton Basel-Stadt
Dominik Pfluger, Präsident SSS-BI
Matthias Schlatter, Statistisches Amt Kanton Basel-Stadt


Rodolphe Dewarrat (IMSD)
Svava Kim Wetzel (IMSD)
Jens Waldeck  (IMSD)

The Book of Abstracts can be downloaded here.


Preliminary programme
Wednesday                                                                                                        30.08.20230
9:30 Welcome coffee and issue of badges                                     Foyer
10:45 General Assembly SSS                                                                  Aula
11:30 Workshops
Workshop 1                                                                                                       Aula

  • Pascal Hurni, OGD Office (FSO)


Use of the API for automated workflows

Workshop 2                                                                                                       MR035

  • Rolf Schenker, Statistik Stadt Zürich

Introduction to Linked Data


Registration required :
The number of participants is limited. Are you interested? Please register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 15 August 2023 at the latest.

Workshop 3                                                                                                       HS120

  • Luca Hüsler, Amt für Daten und Statistik BL

Automated Machine Learning with R and h2o

12:30 Lunch                                                                                                       Foyer
13:45 Welcome address                                                                            Aula
Dr. Corinna Martarelli, President SSS
14:00 Opening Speech                                                                               Aula
Beat Jans, President of the Government, Canton Basel-Stadt

Workshop I                                                                                                        Aula
Chair: Petra Keller Guéguen

  • Fabian Santi, Fabrice Gouzi: Simplifier la réutilisation des concepts entre les organisations
  • Patrick Kummer, Fabio Tomasini: Données de référence entreprises / bâtiments et logements
  • Andrea Guarneri: Data governance, why it is now no longer a freestyle, but a duty.

Workshop II                                                                                                      HS118
Forecasts and scenarios

Chair: Tobias Erhardt

  • Vera Indermaur, Andrea Jaberg, Jan Wunder: Cantonal expenditure on AHV and IV: Scenarios of future developments
  • Lea Bührer, Claudia Walser: Forecast of nursing cases in the Canton of Thurgau until 2040
  • José A. F. Monteiro, Orhan Saeedi: Expected and actual electricity consumption in Basel: Are we saving electricity?

Workshop III                                                                                                    HS120
New Data Sources I


Chair: Livio Lugano

  • Klara Schönenberger: Remote sensing data for official statistics
  • Irene Böckmann, Thomas Lo Russo: Data gaps & challenges: data bases for the implementation of the UN Disability Rights Convention
  • Esther Gerber: Cumulative voter turnout: how many eligible voters go to the polls at least once in the course of a year?

15:45 Coffee Break                                                                                    Foyer

16:15 Keynote                                                                                                  Aula


Nadja Braun Binder, Professor of Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Basel

(Open) Government Data and Science

The state is increasingly obliged to make administrative data available to the public. At the same time, science is interested in data. The presentation by Nadja Braun Binder shows current legal developments in the area of Open Government Data and discusses the general legal framework for the use of (open) government data in science.

Workshop IV                                                                                                      Aula
Datascience and artificial intelligence

Chair: Jean-Pierre Renfer

  • Bertrand Loison: Stratégie fédérale en Science des données
  • Denis Selimovic: The future of data analysis: How AI is revolutionising data visualisation and processing.
  • Lukas Calmbach: "Low hanging fruit" for the application of Conversational AI in statistics.

Workshop V                                                                                                      HS118

New Data Sources II

Direction: Matthias Minke

  • Olivia Huguenin: Tax data of natural persons - potential for statistics
  • Lorenzo Barisone, Giorgio Maric, Mauro Ballabio, Fausto Morenzoni: Using Administrative Procedures to Determine the Causes of Migrations
  • Lukas Büchel: Property Relations in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

Workshop VI                                                                                                    HS120
Living Conditions
Chair: Catherine Zwahlen

  • Ilka Steiner, Ann Barbara Bauer: Retiring Abroad
  • Anja Roth: Corona income replacement
  • Andrea Jaberg, Raphael Schaub: Extended Poverty Measurement: The Interplay of Income and Wealth

18:15 End of Day 1 

19:00 Apéro                                                                                                      kHaus

Offered by the SSS, the Statistical Office of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and b.telligent


Beat Rudin, Data Protection Commissioner of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and Titular Professor at the University of Basel



Thursday                                                                                                            31.08.2023
08:00 Badges issued                                                                                   Foyer


08:45 General Assembly SSS-O                                                          Aula
08:45 General Assembly SSS-ER                                                        HS118
08:45 General Assembly SSS-BI                                                         HS120



Workshop VII                                                                                                  Aula
Strengthening trust

Chair: Marc Gindraux

  • Peter Laube: Trust as an important capital also for public statistics. The Charter contributes to this.
  • Markus Baumann: Peer Review Recommendations for the Swiss Statistical System
  • Markus Baumann: Strengthening trust in revised data

Workshop VIII                                                                                              HS118

Open Government Data (OGD)

Chair: Pascal Tanner

  • Michèle Spichtig: Supporting OGD metadata on with Linked Data technologies: Potential and implications for practical implementation
  • Jonas Bieri, Corinne Lüdi, Tizian Hösch, Andreas Stebler: OGD repackaged: How the Basel BachApp informs Rhine swimmers
  • Daniela Koller: An OGD strategy with and for the cantonal administration

Workshop IX                                                                                                 HS120
Methoden I

Direction: Laurent Donzé

  • Enrico Giudice, Jack Kuipers, Giusi Moffa: A Bayesian Take on Gaussian Process Networks
  • Djalel-Eddine Meskaldji, Anne Massiani, Daniel Kilchmann: Procédure BOOTSTRAP pour l’estimation de la variance des estimateurs petits domaines avec application aux statistiques de l’emploi
  • Desislava Nedyalkova, Djalel-Eddine Meskaldji, Daniel Assoulin : estimation BOOTSTRAP de la variance du total des équivalents plein-temps de la STATENT

10:45 Coffee Break                                                                                    Foyer

11:15 Keynote                                                                                               Aula

Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director Federal Statistical Office

Gemeinsam mehr aus Daten lernen: Perspektiven für die Sekundärnutzung von Daten
Die wachsende Komplexität politischer, wirtschaftlicher und gesellschaftlicher Fragestellungen erhöht die Bedeutung von verknüpften, qualitativ hochwertigen Daten für die Planung, Steuerung und Forschung. Die öffentliche Statistik spielt hier seit langem eine zentrale Rolle, sowohl bei der Produktion als auch bei der Nutzung dieser Daten für ihre eigenen statistischen Informationen. Mit dem Aufkommen vorn Datenräumen, der steigenden Bedeutung der informationellen Selbstbestimmung und dem zunehmenden Druck aus der Forschung für den Zugriff auf diese Daten stellt sich heute für die öffentliche Statistik zunehmend die Frage, wie diese Rolle in einer demokratisch legitimierten Art und Weise weiterentwickelt werde kann.

11:45 Introduction to the poster session                                     Aula

  • Philipp Bosch, Lars Schöbitz: The data-driven administration: data and statistical competence for the Canton of Zurich
  • Franziska Isler: PLS structural equation for the calculation of bonus/malus payments for transport companies
  • Katharina Kaelin: Spatial distribution of photovoltaic installations in the Canton of Zurich
  • Theresa Küntzler, Oliver Hauke: Eine automatisierte Machine-Learning-Pipeline für Statistical Matching
  • Félix Luginbühl: BFS- R Package to Search and Download Data from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office
  • Samuel Wegmann: Who? What? Where? When? - How statistical knowledge is created

12:30 Lunch                                                                                                    Foyer

13:30 Moving start to the afternoon                                             Foyer

with Sabrina Bonarini


Workshop X                                                                                                   Aula
Diffusion I
Direction: Urs Frei

  • Jonathan Bischoff, Ferenc Biedermann: Scrollytelling
  • Niklaus Baltisberger, Tobias Erhardt: R-Shiny tool for calculating wage tables and modelling staffing levels for the Canton of Basel-Stadt
  • Michael Mülli: Analysis report as an introduction to survey data


Workshop XI                                                                                                HS118

Automation I

Chair: Jonas Bieri

  • Simon Graf, Thomas Lo Russo: Real Time Anomaly Detection on Vote Sundays
  • Vincenza Giancone: Efficient management of foreign trade data
  • Adrian Rupp, Philipp Bosch: OGD in 2023 - decentralized, automated & in real-time

Workshop XII                                                                                              HS120
Methods II 

    Direction: Laurent Donzé


  • Anne Massiani, Daniel Kilchmann, Djalel-Eddine Meskaldji, Jacques Saliba: Etude exploratoire de méthodes SAE dans l'enquête SILC
  • Rémy Mariétan : Révision de la pondération de l'enquête sur le comportement en matière de voyages
  • Sabrina Pfister, Daniel Lörch : Advantages of mixed-mode surveys for representative population surveys



15:15 Transfert

15:30 Keynote                                                                                               Aula
Katharina Schüller, CEO STAT-UP Statistical Consulting & Data Science GmbH, Board Member German Statistical Society

Data Literacy: a key educational goal for democracy and sustainable development 

Statistics are the central basis for government action," said the German Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, on the occasion of the inauguration of the President of the Federal Statistical Office. But that is only partly true today. And not because less is argued with data and statistics - on the contrary.
Data-based action is at most only partially based on official indicators. Rather, each and every one of us, whether the highest decision-maker at the national or even international level or simply as a private individual, is continuously exposed to a flood of data. Without data literacy, this flood leads all too quickly to an "infodemie" of fake news and unstatistics, but also to questionable political decisions. The result is, at worst, an enormous loss of trust in politics, the administration and the media. That is why data literacy is the foundation for democracy and sustainable development.

16:15 Lambert Award                                                                               Aula 

16:45 End of Day 2

19:30 Banquet Volkshaus Basel 

Friday                                                                                                                  01.09.2023

08:00 Issue of Badges                                                                               Foyer

08:45 Keynote address                                                                            Aula

Klaus Moosmayer
, Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Ethics, Risk and Compliance Officer of Novartis

The question of handling data from an ethical perspective - in particular the ethical and responsible use of AI

A key ingredient to the success of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is data. By leveraging data, AI is helping companies like Novartis increase patient access, drug discovery, improve customer experience, drive automation, provide predictive analytics, detect potential misconduct, and many other benefits, that will improve patients' lives and optimize the healthcare ecosystem.
These technological developments, and usage of data, come with both enormous opportunities and serious challenges, leading to important questions which need to be addressed thoughtfully, affirmatively and in a transparent way.
Klaus Moosmayer will share his perspective on how Novartis uses AI and the processes in place to ensure its ethical and responsible usage. 

Workshop XIII                                                                                                 Aula
Diffusion II
Chair: Oliver Thommen

  • Jenny Yin, Ludivine Stofer: Dashboards - a new visual publication vessel with potential
  • Raphael Alù: Spatial statistics: visualisation and diffusion with Géoclip

Workshop XIV                                                                                                HS118

Automation II
Direction: Livio Lugano

  • Jan Wunder: Towards automated R-workflows from raw data to online reports: The "code-first-principle" for St.Gallen and beyond
  • Johannes Besch: Publishing Interactive Web-Charts with Plotly and R
  • Ming Zou: A multi-platform PDR technology to efficiently build complex tables & reports, flexibly iterate with stakeholders, and easily maintain across workflows

Workshop XV                                                                                                  HS120

Regional Aspects
Chair: Petra Keller Guéguen

  • Lutz Benson: Statistical information for border regions
  • Maurizio Bigotta, Francesco Giudici: Vivre ou travailler au Tessin?
  • Nicole Wellinger, Niklas Haffert: Brain-drain or brain-gain: past, present and future of the skilled workforce in the canton of St.Gallen


10:45 Coffee Break                                                                                      Foyer

11:15 Keynote                                                                                                 Aula
Thomas Bernhard, Head of Athletics FC Basel 1893 - Youth Development
From talent to professional: Insights into the data-based training management of FC Basel 1893's youth academy.

In this presentation we will give an insight into the way the academy of FC Basel 1893 works and show how data helps to improve the performance of junior players and prevent injuries. Special attention will be given to the long-term development of the junior players with regard to their footballing career and how they are accompanied on their way to becoming professionals. Practical examples will be used to show how the use of data can help create individual player profiles and make training sessions more effective.

12:00 Closing words and announcement SST24                       Aula

Workshop XVI                                                                                                Aula

Artificial intelligence - Machine Learning

Chair: Lukas Calmbach

  • Luca Hüsler: Estimating the heat energy use of residential buildings
  • Tobias Erhardt, Nicolas Maire: Topic Modeling: Issues in the Grand Council of Basel-Stadt
  • Farhad Nooralahzadeh, Ellery Smith, Yi Zhang, Kurt Stockinger: Talk To Your Database: Natural Language Interface For Databases

Workshop XVII                                                                                               HS118


Chair: Markus Huber

  • Hansjörg Stalder, Rolf Schenker: Statistics City of Zurich wants on google
  • Servan Luciano Grüninger: The statistician who governed a country: Lessons from the past on fostering data trust and literacy
  • Boris Djakovic: Interaction with data users: Added value thanks to open communication


Workshop XVIII                                                                                              HS120


Chair: Jonas Eckenfels

  • Lorenzo Barisone, Mattia Albertini: Event Study Design and Dynamic Difference-in-Differences to Determine the Effect of the Exchange Rate on Housing Demand
  • Michaela Slotwinski: Gender norms and income misreporting within households
  • Ulrike Unterhofer : Demographic risks in the housing market

13:30 Sandwich lunch                                                                                 Foyer

14:00 Historical city tour with the Grabmacherjoggi (

          Registration: registration desk                                                     Foyer